Mohawk Industries 14859 13 Inch Noce Ceramic Tile Bullnose

Mohawk Industries, 14859, Tile Moldings, Caridosa, Tile Accessories, Bullnose,Noce Surface Characteristics: Medium (V2) Shade Variation - V2 Tile Features A Moderate Variance In Shade Over The Surface Of The Tile - Pei Rating 4 - Pei Rating 4 Tiles Are Suitable For All Residential Applications For Moderate To Heavy Traffic, And For Light To Medium Commercial Traffic Areas As Well - Tile Structure: Ceramic Tile - Made Of Clay, Sand, And Water, Ceramic Tile Offers A More Affordable Tile Option, And Is Much Easier For A Do-It-Yourself Install Compared To Porcelain Tile Which Requires Special Tools - Tile Dimensions: 3 In Width 13 In Length - Mohs Hardness Scale 6 - Graded On A Scale From 1 To 10, Mohs Or Scratch Hardness Characterizes The Scratch Resistance Of The Tile; The Higher The Number, The More Scratch Resistant A Material Will Be - Specifications: Color: Noce - Tile Width: 3 - Tile Length: 13 -

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Mohawk Industries 14859 13 Inch Noce Ceramic Tile Bullnose Review

It's another nice product from Mohawk Industries. You cannot go bad with this purchase at .

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