Jacuzzi FUZ7242 ACR 5CX Oyster Jacuzzi FUZ7242 ACR 5CX 72 x 42

This tub model comes standard with an integrated waste assembly pre-installed 72" Drop In / Undermount Pure Air Bath Tub with Center Drain, Right Hand Pump, LCD Control and Chromatherapy Lighting from the Fuzion Series - FUZ7242ACR5CX Fuzion Collection: Can a Jacuzzi luxury tub double as unique home furnishings? With the Fuzion luxury bath, it certainly can. This drop-in/undermount luxury tub is unlike any other luxury tub you've ever seen. Often incorporated into the worlds most classy pools, Jacuzzi's "infinity edge" overflow system allows water to spill over the edge to create the appearance of an endless body of water. Combine this state-of-the-art technology with the optional wood decking (available in a rich teak, exotic wenge, or unfinished wood) to create an unsurpassed bathroom centerpiece. All Fuzion collection tubs also include Jacuzzi's patented twist-and-lock drain systems and an ergonomically designed pillow. Pillow Included - Ergonomically designed pillow is added for bathing comfort Chrome Drain Included -No need to purchase a separate tub waste, the drain and drainage system is included with all Fuzion tubs. (Chrome finished) Infinity Edge Overflow - State-of-the-art overflow system allows water to spill over the edge into a collection chamber. This creates a unique look and feel of being in a tub much large than it is Wood Deck - Optional wood surrounds are available in a rich teak, exotic wenge, or unfinished wood. See "Accessories" to the right Measurements: 72"L x 42"W x 24"H Luxury PureAir What is PureAir? Unlike whirlpools which circulate a combination of air and water to produce an intense, targeted massage, air baths create a softer, subtler, full-body experience. Heated air is distributed through network of channels where it is then released within the tub. These release points are placed to strategically surround the body with bubbles. Sometimes described as a immersive massage like experience, PureAir tubs are extraordinarily relaxing. Jacuzzi offers two versions of their PureAir tubs: Comfort and Luxury. Comfort models offer basic controls and a 600-watt heated air blower while luxury models boast upgraded controls and an 800-watt heated air blower. Listed below are the details for the Jacuzzi Luxury PureAir. 800 Watt Blower - Powerful variable speed heated air blower. 360 Balanced Air flow - A unique network of channels that push heated air evenly into the bath. TLC - Thermal Lumbar Comfort area delivers heated air to your back. Automatic Purge - Drain activated system purges the air blowers after each use. Safe for Bath Salts - Enjoy the effervescence of bath salts and oils. These elements will not damage Jacuzzi PureAir tubs or tub components. Wave Mode - Cycles blower from its minimum to a user defined maximum. Whirlpool Jets: None Controls: LCD Controls - Digital LCD display provides the best contr

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Jacuzzi FUZ7242 ACR 5CX Oyster Jacuzzi FUZ7242 ACR 5CX 72 x 42 Review

I switched to Jacuzzi because I buy quality things. I will never go to any other again. Best whirlpool bathtubs I have ever owned!!!!

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