High-volume Dual-Gallonage Jump Nozzle

Kochek High-volume Jump Nozzle is made with the highest-quality aluminum, stainless steel and rubber components to provide reliability and versatility in a hose-end nozzle. Nozzle features 1"" NPSH threads and a 100-psi working pressure. This jump nozzle operates the same as the Kochek Dual-Gallonage Jump Nozzle--10-to 24-GPM Range but with a greater range. Use a 1"" I.D. hose with all high-volume nozzles for best results. Item no. 192946 will flow up to 100 GPM through a 1"" diameter hose. Powder coated for durability and long life. USA made. View all Watering Equipment and Irrigation Supplies Specify coupler and range from the drop-down menu above.

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High-volume Dual-Gallonage Jump Nozzle Review

So far, I love my High-volume Dual-Gallonage Jump Nozzle. I use it every day for my work and also at home. I could not chose worse nozzles.

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