A19 401-A31 Satin White Wall Washers Theres something reminiscent of the ocean in this

Theres something reminiscent of the ocean in this fixture, like the lost city of Atlantis itself. Its clean lines and dramatic curves make it perfect for either contemporary or traditional dcor. Like all Island of Light Collection fixtures, this wall sconce can be finished to suit your decor. This one-of-a-kind wall light is made from kiln-fired ceramic. The clean lines and dramatic curves of the Atlantis Wall Sconce are enhanced by the band of light radiating below the upper cornice of this stunning up light. Features: The Ceramic base lets you design a custom style light for your home. This light is diverse as it can be used indoor or outdoor. Just select the wet location single socket for the outdoor option. You can enjoy energy efficiency without compromising product quality. Be at peace knowing that A-19 takes the environment to heart. All materials your light is made with are recycled and used again. A-19 uses materials that take less energy and fuels to create to help reduce the carbon footprint we leave in our environment. A-19 and their Commitment to the Environment: Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. For example, our ceramic and glass two of the worlds oldest materials are made from natural clay (earth) and silica (sand) . Following is how we continue to create products that support the environment and our clients health: The 3 R's. Reduce, reuse, recycle. When you receive your fixtures, know that our packaging is made from recycled goods and is fully recyclable. We also make sure that all clay, extra glass, and water is reclaimed at the end of creating our lighting pieces. We pride ourselves on making sure our business is fully recycled and we are continually recycling "trash" locally. Cleaner Water. We are actively participating in protecting the water quality by making sure less pollutants are introduced to our water. We are helping with the city storm water management, and with that we hope to set an example for other companies to also help protect our water. Health Safety. We make sure that our fixtures do not contain any close amount of toxins that could damage the health of our customers. The clays that we use in our fixtures have been evaluated by a nationally certified toxicologist using the American Society for Testing and Materials standards. No off-gassing. Our ceramic wall sconces and pendants are inert and odorless, and outlast comparable metal lighting fixtures Energy Star Compatible. A19 fixtures are available to accommodate Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs. Dark-Sky Compliant. Light pollution has shown to affect the migration, mating, and predator mannerisms of many nocturnal species. This not only has an impact on the specific species, but on the ecological community as a whole. To help with eliminate this type of pollution,

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A19 401-A31 Satin White Wall Washers Theres something reminiscent of the ocean in this Review

Day when I was in the tavern I saw this A19 401-A31 Satin White Wall Washers Theres something reminiscent of the ocean in this, it looks awing!

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